Help For Those With Knee Replacements

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Help For Those With Knee Replacements

Postby Paul » Thu Jan 31, 2013 7:28 pm

Has your doctor suggested physiotherapy to strengthen and increase the flexibility of your knee post-operative?

Are you feeling the lingering effects of knee surgery?

If you answered yes to either of those questions, you are intimately familiar with the challenges faced by those who attempt to regain a normal life after knee replacement surgery. You need to dedicate a lot of time and resources to get to and from therapy and the problem is - you can only attend so many days per week. On the days you are not attending therapy, you are home struggling with attempting traditional exercises and techniques that for all intents and purposes - may be causing more harm than good.

To make a long story short, during our many travels, we came across an individual from Canada who developed a very unique looking device that was designed specifically for those who recently had Total Knee Replacement surgery. During the conversation, it was revealed that numerous therapists and clinics in the country were already successfully using this device and had been doing so for up to a decade. Best of all, many of the patients who were fortunate enough to have access to the modality ended up purchasing one for themselves (as it safe and very easy to use at home). In seeing this, we decided to help spread the word.

The device I am speaking of is called the Knee-Flex.

After surgery, the tendons and muscles in and surrounding the surgical area can develop massive amounts of scar tissue (tough, fibrous, brittle tissue). Scar tissue is basically the body's natural way of healing - it's a band-aid solution that is meant to heal the body after extensive and invasive surgery. This brittle tissue will bind itself to the damaged soft tissue fibers in an effort to fuse and re-connect the tissue. As time goes on, scar tissue continues to form on top of the damaged tissue, creating a mound of tough, dense tissue that stiffens the underlying tendon, muscle or joint. Unfortunately, scar tissue will also stick to surrounding healthy muscle fibers, preventing them from sliding back and forth as they normally should for healthy movement.

Excess scar tissue will prevent your injury from moving like it used to when it was healthy - before the surgery. The only solution to get rid of scar tissue and promote growth of healthy, flexible tissue is repeated motion through exercise. The Knee-Flex™ can provide natural, fluid, passive stretches for your leg while recovering from surgery. Regular, consistent exercises with such a modality will stretch scar tissue, increasing extensibility and flexibility of the tissue and improving overall range of motion.

Heel to hip movement is used by many hospitals and physiotherapy clinics during rehabilitation programs for knee, hip and leg injuries. This technique is considered to be a foundation exercise that assesses and increases flexibility of the leg. You will find in most rehabilitation programs that heel to hip movement:

Builds Muscle Strength
Increases Mobility and Range of Motion (ROM)
Speeds Overall Healing
Prevents Muscle Loss
Improves Muscular Function and Capability
Refines Tissue Alignment and Physical Balance
Encourages Joint and Tissue Flexibility
Facilitates Proper Warm Up for Regular Exercise
Promotes Healthy Circulation of Injured Tissues

Based on over a decade of successful results, The Knee-Flex™ is something that you may want to consider adding to your rehabilitation program - under the guidance of your doctor and therapist.

To read more about this unique treatment option now available for your consideration, please visit: ... device.php
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